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MANJULA is a wellness and beauty brand consciously created using Ayurvedic principles. With a strong focus on tradition and ritual-based self-care, Manjula is represented by a transgenerational team of women who aspire to change current conventions surrounding the beauty and wellness industry. Deeply prioritizing the balance of internal and external wellness, we exercise intention in all areas of our brand.

Each product is created with an array of skin types, hair textures, and body constitutions in mind – ensuring inclusive offerings and promising more meaningful self-care practices. We are genderless and believe in the importance of creating diverse visual narratives which reflect each facet of the human experience.

We are committed to ensuring purity and sustainability in all areas of our business. Quality and efficacy are the foundation to creating simple and impactful skincare. We have designed our packaging to be recyclable and reusable, filled with biodegradable formulas, free of toxins, parabens, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, chemicals, and compromises.


Inspired by the daily practices and rituals of my Mother and Grandmother, MANJULA was born out of the desire to explore and honour my heritage. This quickly evolved into the documentation of beauty and wellness practices which have been integral to South Asian culture for centuries. Through a desire to create an authentic and shared experience beyond the parameters of photography and design, I resolved to create a line of products which would allow others to take part in our personal rituals, while simultaneously encouraging them to create their own.

Formulated by myself, my Mother – an Ayurvedic practitioner – and a trusted team of cosmetic chemists; we have created a mindfully curated collection of wellness essentials designed to enhance the mind-body experience.

As an interdisciplinary artist, my vision for this project is to cultivate a multi-dimensional experience which blends art, wellness, and heritage together. MANJULA is a multifaceted, community-based space to learn, explore, and honour different cultural practices through the lens of self-care. Inspired by and named after my Grandmother, this line is a love letter to my maternal lineage.

Karishma P.
Founder & Creative Director